Why People are Moving Today



Even though home rates are higher now than they were early this year and home prices are going up, people are buying and selling their homes! The market has not come to a stop because there are still situations where people want or need to move and doing so now will still benefit them or their family! 

 In this blog we will talk about why people are moving and/or selling their homes right NOW!


1. Need More Space

  1. Many buyers are moving currently that need more square footage for their family, more backyard space for their pets or just more room for the items they like to have in their own home. The need to move up into a bigger and better space is a reason that won’t go away anytime soon!

    2. Want to be Closer to Relatives

      1. Many buyers and sellers either buy or sell to get themselves closer to their family and/or friends. Personal relationships are a huge motivating factor to finding a new place to live! Wouldn’t it be great to live next door to your kids’ grandparents or your best friend?!


      3. Change of Job

        1. Many people sell their home and move to another home because of a job change. When accepting the job, they may be asked to move closer to work by 50 miles or states away!



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