Why It’s So Important to Hire

a Professional



No matter what the scope of work is, when you look to work with someone, you want to hire or partner with a professional. When you look up the dictionary definition of a professional, it says a professional is “a person engaged or qualified”. Someone who knows that they are doing and can make a difference is crucial to a successful endeavor. So what makes someone a professional?

In this blog we will go into detail on what makes a person a professional and why it’s so important to hire one as your Transaction Coordinator. 

1. Industry Experience

  1. Real estate is a huge investment for most people, which makes having a transaction coordinator who has experience and knowledge to guide both buyers and sellers you work with a HUGE deal.

    2. Contracts & Fine Print

      1. Not only do you have to stay compliant with your broker, but you have to make sure you understand the contract when you help a buyer/seller. The same thing goes for working with a TC. You want your TC to know the ins and outs of the contract and addendums to help you and your client through the process.


      3. Technology Savvy

        1. Real estate is a very tech savvy industry and having a TC who had the support and/or knowledge to help back you up when it comes to systems, processes and technology will win you points with everyone you work with!


        4. Attitude & Mannerisms

          1. A professional will always put the customer first and help you get to the closing table with a smile on their face. Having boundaries and talking about expectations is always a good starting point. However, you want to make sure that the manner in which they handle issues, is always to handle it with professionalism.


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