Things You Forget You Need to Do Before Moving


You are officially under contract on your new home and can’t wait to move in! You are packing your items you need to take with you, trying to keep up with inspection periods, appraisal reports and closing dates. There are a lot of details and dates to remember, so some items can slip your mind before the big move. Here is a list of things that people forget to do before moving that might help you!

1. Arrange Movers 2-3 Weeks in Advance

  1. It’s always best to start planning ahead of time so you know you are on the movers schedule, some times of the year, they can really be booked! If you have to reschedule due to closing changing, you can always call them back and let them know. Hiring movers might cost you more money, but the time and energy it takes to move everything can be saved to help you unpack and arrange when you move into your new home. Outsource moving and find a trusted/reputable company to help!

    2. Redirect Your Mail

      1. Many people forget that they need to forward their mail and reach out to the companies that send them important information through the mail that their address has changed. Don’t forget to do this so you won’t have problems later! You can set up forwarding until you have changed all of your information by going online to USPS and search address change!


      3. Change Utilities/Services

        1. The usual utilities and items that need to be changed or switched to your new home are: gas, electricity, water/trash, internet/phone services and security. These have to be changed the day you move in, because most sellers and even home builders won’t keep their current utilities on once they close. 


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