Preferred CTC

Submit a New Contract

Service Overview

Day 1

  • Intro & Expectations Email to Buyer.
  • Intro Email to Title/Attorney/Escrow/Other Agent with contract documents.
Day 2-3
  • Create Transaction Dates on your calendar.
  • Back Office: Create Transaction, add details and documents. Assist with missing/incomplete docs.
12- 15 Business Days Before Closing
  • Request CDA in Broker’s Back Office to ensure you are compliant and get paid!
  • If applicable, connect Buyers for seamless home warranty, utility & home services setup.
2-4 Business Days Before Closing
  • Ensure CDA is complete and sent to Title/Attorney/Escrow.
Important Note
  • You take care of all additional items such as all communication, coordination, and scheduling with clients & third parties, updating dates, etc.
  • If you would like full support on your next transaction, we also offer an Executive CTC service that takes all of these details off your plate too!