Preparing to Sell Your Home

Are you considering selling your home and want to know how to prepare for your home to sell? There are several things you can do before you even go on the market that can help attract buyers and get your home sold quickly. In this blog post, we have compiled a list of ways to prepare! 

Declutter and Pack

  1. Before you even think about ordering photos or having someone come stage your home, focus on decluttering! If there are items you no longer need, organize piles for trash, garage sale or donations. There are so many items in your home you don’t even realize are there and it can help make things look less cluttered and make a huge difference in your home’s overall appearance! Once that’s done, you can then pack away items you decided to keep but don’t use on a daily basis to also help make your home look its best before listing!

    Clean Your Home

    1. One of the biggest items you will need to make sure you do is clean your home! This would be a good time to do a more “deep clean”. There are many items you may not clean on an everyday basis that would make a huge difference when people see photos of your home and then come to look. Once showings begin, a light cleaning to maintain your home is all that is needed since you already did all the hard work before!


      Depersonalize Your Home

      1. Most agents will recommend you put away items that are personalized like family photos and items with your name on them for privacy reasons. They may also ask you to take down taste specific decor or styles you have throughout the home. Neutral decor will allow the buyer’s to be able to envision what they could potentially do with the home to make it feel like theirs and leave them feeling excited about decorating their own space!

        Get in Touch with a Top Producing Agent

        1. If you want your home to sell and get top dollar, you need to find an experienced agent who knows what they are doing and is readily available with strategies to help entice buyers to want your home! Read their reviews, ask questions and make sure you are confident in your agent! They are there to help and can be a resourceful tool when it comes to the housing market!

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