Planning Goals for 2023



The new year will be here just before you know it! It is good practice in any business to take time to slow down and reflect on how your year went. What went wrong? What went amazing? Where is there room for growth and opportunity? Then, you can take what you evaluated and set in place your new goals for the next year coming up.

So how do you plan goals for the year? In this blog post, we will set you up for success in brainstorming and establishing goals for you and your company!


1. Think About the Bigger Picture

  1. Without knowing where you want your company to grow and what direction you need to take, it’s hard to set goals for you and your company.  You need to have an overall “bigger picture” of what you want to accomplish over the next year, 3 years, 5 years. Because when you start planning, even down to the quarter or month, you need to have action items in place to help you reach the “bigger picture”.

    2. Collaborate and Communicate with Your Team

    Whether it’s just you and an assistant in your company or a team of 500, learning to collaborate and talk about your goals together can be supremely beneficial. Others have different ideas than you that may even bring your vision to life even better than you imagined, so make goals together and cast your vision for your entire team to see so they get WHY you make the moves you do during the year. This will drive your team and motivate them as well.

      3. Don’t Just Talk About It, Write It Down

      Many people just talk about goals, have a meeting about goals and then move on. No accountability, no fun, no support. A huge tip is to create “vision boards” to actually SEE your goals on a board where you and your team walk by every day to help motivate you and remind you of the importance of what you are doing and why you are doing it. 

      4. Review Your Goals and Evaluate

      Once you have figured out your goals and priorities for the year, review them again and make sure they align with your vision you have for your business and they are challenging but not impossible. The changes you make and the goals you set, set a precedent for the future goals you will incorporate and the decisions you make along the way that will hopefully bring you great success! Don’t take it lightly! Once you have firmly established your goals and plans, share them with your team/company and set the stage for an exciting year ahead! 

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