Team Christianna

Transaction Coordinators

Christianna and her team have a strong passion for serving others. By supporting agents, they walk alongside their clients during the sale and/or purchase of their new home, giving way to a new chapter in their lives. With 20+ years in Real Estate, Christianna has in-depth professional experience with Leasing, Mortgage, Escrow, Title Examination, Sales, and Legal. Additionally, she spent seven years as a Listing & Contract to Close Manager for one of the high-paced, top real estate brokerage firms in Austin, Texas. Now, at Empower, Christianna leads her team to deliver a superior experience for their agents and clients. In their free time, everyone on the team enjoys traveling, reading, being outdoors, and staying busy with their children’s extracurricular activities.


What Team Christianna’s Clients Say

Where do I begin??? I have been a real estate agent for 17 years. I have had more TCs than I know what to do with. The Empower title fits them well. From Christianna (amazing), Rachel (amazing), Debbie (amazing), and the entire team – they have given me so much support my mind is free to think about the activities I need to focus on… getting clients. I would recommend this team to anyone. I appreciate the white-glove service they offer me and my clients.

Himiko Sadiki, REALTOR

Christianna does an amazing job!! She is very responsive and detailed. 100% recommend!!

Megan Gallegos, REALTOR

The experience with Empower Transactions Services is amazing!! Our transaction coordinator Christiana Velasquez is the best of the best!! She is always professional, she replies to all correspondence quickly and with exceptional ethical manners. She always keeps everyone updated and up to datelines. We are really happy to have her and Empower as a part of our company.

Enrique Escobar, REALTOR

This company has made my life 1,000 times easier. They get the job done and are very responsive! I highly recommend Christianna Velazquez and her team.

Adam Musiel, REALTOR

As a solo agent, I take great pride in providing exceptional service to my clients and was hesitant to have anyone else take over many of the needed tasks required in a real estate transaction. But in order to grow, I knew I needed to. That’s where Christianna Velasquez with Empower Transactions comes in. I can honestly say that I have been impressed with all the work that Christianna has done on my behalf. From the very first transaction and everyone since she has been very responsive, organized, and professional – enhancing my customer service and keeping me on track. I will continue to use her great services.

Donald Fetzer, REALTOR

Christianna Velasquez is the absolute bomb. She has my whole back office running like a well-oiled machine on my first ever transaction since engaging empower. I think if nothing else they have a very well-qualified and experienced transaction coordinator if she is any indication.

Moshood Adams, REALTOR

Christianna V is quick, responsive and top of things. I have ways I prefer to reach clients and she is quick to adapt to my ways.

Cynthia McGee, REALTOR

My Transaction Coordinator has been wonderful to work with. I have felt at ease letting go of the paperwork so I can focus on my clients. Way to go Christianna!


Janet Travis Fortune, REALTOR

Christianna & I worked alongside each other for many years. I will always refer her to be extremely professional, reliable, and highly skilled at any task that she was charged with. Together, Christianna and I worked for a high-paced, top real estate brokerage where meeting daily, time-sensitive deadlines were the norm. Christianna consistently delivered above and beyond. She earned the respect and esteem of all of her colleagues. Christianna would be a valuable asset to any agent willing to put their complete trust in her ability.

Eric Engberg, Realtor

I am a real estate agent at Culhane Premier Properties, and in fact, I am the oldest person to work there so my point of view is tempered by years of working with lots of different people. Over the four and half years Christianna and I worked together, Christianna consistently held herself to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. For at least two years I sat close enough to her that I could witness how she interacted with our clients and colleagues. She did great! She is also a “hard” worker. That means when some urgent item arose (and that happens in every business) I could count on her to do her best to get that urgent item taken care of in the midst of all her other work. Her attitude was that of a team player. She is a good person with a good heart as well. That counts with me and I hope it counts with you as well.

Don Pearson, Realtor

For 3yrs I have relied on Christianna’s hard-working work ethics to assist with getting my clients to the closing table. Her expertise keeps me organized and allows me to focus on prospecting, which is why most of us agents need a Transaction Coordinator. Christianna is always one step ahead and on top of every detail before I need to think about it.


Shawn-Michelle Evans, Realtor

Christianna shines in her character and compassion for others. She is also a very great client’s manager and coordinator! She learns quickly and then soon masters the tasks in hand. She is just one of those people that have gifts of multitasking and organizational skills with files. She helped me with my files in the past. She loves to research and read a lot of self help books so she has a very sharp mind and catches on fast. What I think is a quality that stands out in her career skills, is her ability to contribute. She shares good feedback and can advance others. That is what leaders do right? I trust her as a dear friend, with my business and my family.


Dori Garner, REALTOR


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