Keith Dunham

Keith Dunham

Founder & CEO

After 16 years as the Director of Operations at MCI/Verizon, Keith Dunham left the telecommunications industry to focus on real estate technology. He successfully started the Austin branch of Zip Realty before joining HomeCity as CEO in 2011. In April 2018, Keith sold HomeCity to Better Homes and Gardens. Additionally, with the assistance of Ben Rubenstein, David Rubin, and Michael Lam, the in-house lead generation process Keith created at Homecity became the powerhouse Opcity, selling to for 210 million. In 2020, bringing together experience in brokerage, transactions and tech, Keith founded Empower Transactions to minimize the pain points of transaction coordination for agents, teams, and brokerages across the country. He is passionate about building strategic partnerships and systems, backed by the best Transaction Coordinators in the business. In under two years, driven by Keith’s innovative ideas, Empower has seen 205% growth YOY and has grown from serving one state to 18, with the rest of the country going live by Summer 2022.


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