I Have a New Listing, Now What?

Many agents think they only need a Transaction Coordinator when they open title after going under contract with a listing. We are here to tell you, you can definitely benefit from using us when you first start the process of helping someone list their home. Here’s a few ways we can really help you leverage your time and save you money (so you can focus on scaling your business)!

Paperwork, Paperwork & More Paperwork

  1. Most agents really don’t like the paperwork side of listings. There are many agreements, addendums, listing documentation and tasks needing to be taken care of before you can even make a home live in your MLS. We can make sure no docs get forgotten and make sure everything is signed and sent to you for your record! 

    Arranging Staging And/Or Photography

    1. Most MLS platforms require photos and sellers now especially are having to make sure their home impresses buyers when it goes on the market due to market shifting into a more neutral playing field. As an agent, you are guiding your seller and setting them up for a quick sale by arranging staging if needed and professional photography. We can help with those tedious tasks and set the appointments up for you, then notifying your sellers.


      Inputting Data into MLS & Making the Listing Live

      1. There is a ton of information needed to get a listing active in your MLS so that your seller’s home can be syndicated to buyers across multiple platforms. We can input photos, insert all data into the listing, write public remarks and have it ready to go so all you have to do is approve the listing and it goes live! Then, we follow up with weekly updates to you and stay in touch as the process continues. Once your listing goes under contract, then we are there to provide support from Contract-to-Close should you choose! We can stay updated on title, lenders, paperwork and more!

        1. Let us worry about all the tasks needed for a listing to be ready and focus on serving your clients, showing homes and prospecting for new business so you can continue to grow! Call us at 512-677-4722 or click below to get started!


          AI Powered TC Services

          Agent Membership:


          (Includes 1 Listing a 1 Contract to Close)

          Team Membership:


          (Includes 4 Listings and 4 Contract to Close's)



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