How to Make a Strong Offer

Are you writing offers for your clients and just can’t get them accepted or want a resource to send to your clients on how to make their offers stronger when competing with others in this housing market? Look no further! In this blog, we will give you a few tips of how to make your clients offer STRONG!

Make Sure Your Buyers are Pre-approved and Qualified to Buy

  1. Most listing agents will require a pre-approval letter or proof of funds to show how they will finance the home and make sure they are qualified to buy. If your buyer doesn’t have one, that should be the first item on your list to make your offer strong and put you and your clients best foot forward!

    Present Your Strongest Offer Up Front

    1. Many sellers want everyone’s highest and best offer right off the bat so they only have to present it all to the sellers once. Make sure your buyers are aware that they could lose out on their dream home if they don’t stay competitive!

    Write the Sellers a Personal Letter

    1.  Many buyers are now writing letters to explain to the sellers why they would love to move there in hopes that they choose their offer. For many people, selling their home is emotional and they have tons of memories they are leaving, so your clients explaining how they would  take care of the sellers home once it became theirs and how they envision life being if they moved there could persuade the sellers to choose them!

      Be Flexible with Closing

      1. Sometimes sellers may need to lease their home back for a short period of time to ensure all of their items get removed or until they move into their own new home. Being flexible with the sellers on when to close or allowing a leaseback can help your clients seal the deal.

        Offer an Appraisal Waiver or Cash

        1. The saying goes that “cash is king”, but sometimes if a buyer offers more money than the cash offer and agrees to waive the appraisal and pay full price no matter if they have to bring extra money to closing to cover the costs, their offer gets picked instead. Talk with your buyers and see if they are able to offer a cash deal or waive appraisal and you just might get your clients offer accepted when competing!

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