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I need to Request TC to Draft My Listing Agreement and Compliance Documents

I need to Request TC to Draft a Contract Addendum For Me

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Fringe AI General FAQ

We have a daily mon-fri zoom call to answer all of these items for you. You can jump on any time from 9:00am-9:30am CST mon-fri at the Fringe AI zoom link.

You can submit an executed contract two different ways:

Directly using the link: https://www.empowertransactions.com/fringe-ai/

On your Fringe AI Dashboard by selecting “Use my TC” then clicking on “Submit business”.

All requests submitted through the document preparation form will be sent out for review to the agent by the end of the business day. If the request is recieved after 4pm CST it will be done the next day by end of business.

We are here to help you with:

  • Help write up your listing document, amendments and any other document needed from contract to close.
    Create your loop and add all documents to the loop.
  • Check in with the lender and title/attorney for updates and help assist with obtaining information they need.
  • Send out calendar invites to you with all important dates coming up.
    Complete a compliance check before closing and submit file for compliance review to the State Broker.

Agents are responsible for draft the following documents:

  • Contracts
  • Net Sheets
  • CDA
  • MLS entry (unless paying for full Listing service)
  • CMA

All appointments being scheduled will be the agent’s responsibility. Your TC will help assist in scheduling the closing appointment.

Agents will be responsible for writing up their contracts. Once the contract is fully executed, you will want to submit it to us through the Empower link. This notifies your TC to start working on the property for you. https://www.empowertransactions.com/fringe-ai/

With Fringe AI’s benefits MLS entry is not included. However, Empower does provide full listing service for an additional fee. You can request this service through the following link.


All agents are responsible for requesting their own CDA. All CDA and Commision questions can be answered by emailing the CDA department at Fringe AI directly or by reaching out to your State Broker. Your TC is not involved in the communication process in regards to your CDA.

Absolutely! All amendment requests should be submitted through Empowers website:


All amendments will be drafted and sent to the agent for review before sending out for signatures.

Absolutely! Once an executed contract is submitted over to us, we will create a loop in Dotloop and add you to the team to be able to view and edit. All documents sent over through the transaction process, we will add to your loop as well.

Monday – Friday at 9:00 AM CST we hold a Q&A for all Fringe AI agents to ask questions.
You can always email you TC. Please refer to the email that specifies the timezone you are in.

Absolutely! All documents sent over to your TC will be uploaded to your loop. 7 days before closing we will do a compliance check on your property and send an email to you with any missing documents. Once the property is in full compliance we will submit it for review to the State Broker.

We will not do the following:

  • Write contracts
  • Schedule appointments outside of closing
  • Request your CDA
  • Net Sheets
  • CMA’s


AI Powered TC Services

Agent Membership:


(Includes 1 Listing a 1 Contract to Close)

Team Membership:


(Includes 4 Listings and 4 Contract to Close's)



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