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As a Broker, you are busy with so many sides of the business including recruiting new agents, agent retention with current agents, accounting, management, broker compliance, marketing and more. No one person can do it all and we are here to help with some of these items and make your company operate seamlessly!


In this blog post, you will see the services we provide to you to help alleviate some of the busy work from your plate as the Broker and/or Brokerage Owner.


  1. White Label Services

  1. While our Transaction Coordinators work for Empower Transactions, we make it look like they work for you! We also handle all training, hiring, education and support to the TC while taking care of payroll and HR items as well! Less overhead for you, so you can focus on your business! You will also save as you scale your company by only paying for TC services when you use us and close at the closing table! We can also grow with you and add more help to your business as you grow! Give your agents support with an “In-House” TC who is there every step of the way so you retain your agents!

    Administrative Services

    We offer solutions to YOU as the broker to help retain agents and keep your office compliant!

    • Broker Compliance: We go in to your back office system and check all documents submitted to the brokerage for compliance based off of the guidelines you provide us. We also send reminders to agents when they are missing documentation and send final reminder emails to get items in so they can get paid! Our team is able to do this quickly and efficiently while you as the Broker don’t have to look at another documents for compliance review!
    • Agent On & Off Boarding: we provide assistance with getting your agent up and running with your brokerage in a timely manner. This includes setting up email &  back office accounts, getting the agent license switched over, sending welcome emails, sending paperwork & documentation needed for employment, ordering marketing materials and more!! We can also help with offboarding agents who leave your brokerage! 


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        AI Powered TC Services

        Agent Membership:


        (Includes 1 Listing a 1 Contract to Close)

        Team Membership:


        (Includes 4 Listings and 4 Contract to Close's)



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