Empower’s Mental Health Awareness Month

This month at Empower Transactions, our team focused on Mental Health Awareness. We just wrapped up and are reflecting on what we all accomplished. Mental health is a huge factor in the happiness and success of our employees. It’s proven that people who are unhappy or struggling mentally will also struggle with their workload. Our people and relationships come first, so we wanted to make sure our employees know and feel that we truly care about what is going on in their lives and actively support them!

  1. The first week of Empower’s Mental Health Awareness Month focused on personalities. We used the Enneagram to better understand our own personalities and our co-workers’ personalities. We dove deep into how we each handle stress, how we each act when living a healthy lifestyle, how to make others feel appreciated and more! Our employees truly related to their enneagram and actively participated in our discussions. We learned so much about each other and how to work better together professionally and personally!

    The second week of our Mental Health Awareness Month was about filling our cups through self care, spending time with family, working out, listening to music, reading books, cooking, etc. We asked our co-workers to share how they fill their cups and focused on intentionally doing so during this week. We participated in discussions about being more mindful so we can take care of ourselves and be the happiest version of ourselves. Team members shared items that filled their cup that week like: hiking and watching the sunset, spending quality time with their kids, taking “me time”, decluttering items in their home, binge watching tv or reading a nice book. Everyone deserves a break and time to truly “fill their cup!”

    The third week of Empower’s Mental Health Awareness Month was all about gratitude! We are extremely grateful for each of our amazing staff members which is why we implemented this month to be all about them! We shared things we are grateful for each day and really spent time talking about how much gratitude can affect your everyday life. Research proved that gratitude improves people’s everyday happiness, health, sleep, and productivity in the workplace. Several people shared things they were grateful for like: family, friendships, books, coffee, financial security, ability to grow their own produce, perspective, hard lessons that turned into blessings, their work family (aw!), being able to get their kids an education and more! Sharing about each other’s lives and learning what made others happy really rekindled everyone’s own gratitude and made us thankful for the lives we live, even when we go through tough times! Also, our amazing team sent coffee or gift cards to each person to get coffee as a small thank you for all they do for Empower. 

    Lastly, this week, we have been going over decluttering our lives whether that be actual decluttering of our spaces, mind, relationships, or workload. Several of our team members shared their plans for how to declutter for an overall sense of accomplishment and boost happiness. One team member shared that when her life is cluttered, her whole world shifts and it makes it hard to focus on anything else. This is true for many people so making time to focus on decluttering and your mental health is so important! Another team member mentioned delegating tasks to others in her family as a way to declutter items she needed to get done. Making sure to ask for help when you need it is also a HUGE help in making sure you protect your mental health. 

    This month has truly brought our team together and made a huge difference in everyone’s outlook. The rapport was fulfilling in a way that made everyone feel important (because they are!!) and heard. One of the biggest ways to help others and keep our mental health strong is just lending an ear and supporting each other when needed. 

    We can’t wait to continue discussing how important mental health is and ways we can continue supporting each other through this crazy thing called life. What is something you think would help with your mental health? Take time to write it out and try to implement them into your daily routine. It makes such a difference! 

    Until next time, 

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