Creating a Relationship with Your Transaction Coordinator


In the real estate industry, maintaining a good relationship with your contract coordinator is crucial for ensuring a smooth transaction. Contract coordinators handle a lot of paperwork and update agents at each stage of the process, making it necessary to prioritize their needs. Here are some ways to establish a good working relationship with your contract coordinator:

1. Recongize the Importance of People Skills

  1. Transaction Coordinators are crucial to a real estate agents success. They take car eof your client as if it’s their own and truly make your transactions more seamless. You want to make sure you maintain a good and trustworthy relationship with your Transaction Coordinator so that they continue to make you shine!

    2. Frequent Communication

    Regular communication with Transaction Coordinators helps make sure the process for each file stays on track, as well as let’s the coordinator know that you truly care about their help and their expertise! They can handle tons of admin and task driven tasks that are a part of every transaction! You will have great success as long as you communicate your expectations and needs!

      3. Appreciate Their Efforts

      Showing gratitude to your Transaction Coordinators can go a long way in strengthening the rapport you have with them as well as ensure you retain them as your TC! 

      Ultimately, people skills are essential for excelling as a real estate agent, and extending that courtesy to Transaction Coordinators is critical for a successful transaction. It will also ensure you are able to scale your business and grow without worrying about the administrative tasks during a transaction!

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