3 Costly Mistakes Agents

Can Make

As an agent, you have a lot on your plate. You have to generate your own business, follow up with leads, get copious amounts of paperwork signed and reviewed, show homes, go on listing appointments, hold open houses, make marketing material, stay on top of dates– the list goes on and on. Trying to juggle all of these things can leave room for mistakes to be made.

Here are the top 3 ways an agent can make a mistake during a real estate transaction.

Allowing Details/Dates to Fall Through the Cracks

  1. With so many people that are a part of the transaction (lender, assistants, title company, agents, seller, buyer, appraiser, inspector), an agent sometimes gets busy and forgets to check up on documents needed, deadlines approaching, and other important items. This can lead to the inability to close on time and upset your clients. Unhappy clients lead to less business opportunities in the future. 

Poor Communication

  1. Sometimes agents are so wrapped up in trying to generate business that they forget to keep all of their clients updated. Whether that means a buyer misses out on a home that goes on the market or the seller isn’t getting feedback from showings– it can cause your clients to get very frustrated. Communication and being aware of what your client needs is crucial to being successful as a realtor.

Not Hiring a Transaction Coordinator

  1. All of the items we talked about above that are mistakes agents can make can easily be solved by one simple decision- hiring a Transaction Coordinator. They can keep track of tedious items like paperwork, compliance checks, deadlines, communication with all parties under contract, closing information and more. They will allow you to free up some time to be able to focus on truly making your real estate business successful while also making YOU look good and helping your clients stay happy. What is there to lose?
  1. If you are ready to take that step and get some help, call Empower Transactions today. We offer contract-to-close & listing support, offer prep and additional administrative services that can only benefit your business! Click below to get started!


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